Directed by Salvatore Ronga
17/06/2024 - 17/06/2024
Project PLATEA - Tutor Concetta Lauro

Monday, June 17, at 21:00, Villa Arbusto.
The students of the Liceo Statale ‘Giorgio Buchner’ stage “Antigone”.
The disobedience, the sense of humanity, the listening of his conscience, the clash between individual and State, the drama of Sophocles takes life in the gardens of Villa Arbusto under the direction of Salvatore Ronga.
With this new work, the students of the PLATEA Project, tutor Prof. Concetta Lauro, continue their research and experimentation in the field of classical theatre. A show of great strength and modernity after the successful rehearsal of “Ecuba”, with which the island Institute directed by the Dean Prof. Assunta Barbieri was a finalist at the National Festival of the School Theatre in Cesena, where he gained acclaim and recognition.
Villa Arbusto with its courtyards and historic gardens offers itself as a privileged stage, also considering the rich archaeological collection of the Museum of Pithecusae with which the performance establishes, albeit only ideally, a multiplicity of links for an initiative that Thanks to the administration of Lacco Ameno and the Culture Department of Deputy Mayor Carla Tufano, enhances and promotes our heritage, in a perspective of synergistic collaboration between school and territory.

The entrance is free.