Between popular primitivism and metropolitan culture
16/09/2023 - 31/12/2023
A tribute to 26 Ischia artists who marked, through painting, sculpture and photography, the fertile and passionate epic of twentieth-century Ischia art.

Vernissage of the COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION “ARTISTI DELL’ISOLA D’ISCHIA DEL XX SECOLO – Tra primitivismo popolare e cultura metropolitana” is promoted by the Municipality of Lacco Ameno and the Metropolitan City of Naples in collaboration with the Circolo Georges Sadoul of Ischia, and is curated by Massimo Ielasi with Salvatore Basile and Bruno Macrì and represents a prelude to a catalog that will be presented at the closing of the exhibition, scheduled for the end of December 2023.

A tribute to 26 artists who, in a stormy century aimed at modernity, managed to direct their gaze onto real or imagined territories, imposing their own personality with expressive strength, aesthetic coherence and an intense and indissoluble bond with their own land. Masters and experimenters of colour, shapes, matter, many of whom are already known even outside the island borders, who testify to the evolution of art and society of Ischia throughout the 20th century, reflecting on its historical and current importance.