Forio Mon Amour
01/09/2021 - 30/09/2021
A self-taught, a dreamer, a rebel, a naive painter… This and much more was Michele Petroni, the protagonist of the new exhibition.
The artist, born in Forio and appreciated all over the world, was self-taught. A tireless dreamer, he bequeathed to his country a vast production of canvases and collages. His greatest passion, the object of his creations is the "place of his peace", the place where he was born, "Forio". He dreamed of it day and night, paying homage to it with his art because throughout his life he had offered him what he needed most: the solitude of nature, the sun, the wind. Anyone who stops to observe his works immediately perceives the love for his land, for true and profound affections, for the world of the simple. With tempera technique, he reproduced every detail, giving his works a poetic and magical dimension of reality. Using that harmonious and childish style that distinguished him: the naif.