La scintilla dell'affetto
06/05/2024 - 19/05/2024
Photographic exhibition of the Sacred Representation

An exhibition dedicated to the Sacred Representation of the Martyrdom and the Landing of Santa Restituta, a collective event and profound manifestation of the culture of a land of faith and folklore, history and popular devotion.
The Sacred Representation of the Martyrdom and Landing of Saint Restituta “ad Ripas”, ancient Latin name of the beach where the remains of the Christian martyr would have arrived, is held every year on May 16 in the natural setting of the Bay of San Montano, where, by the will of the late Rector Don Pietro Monti, stage the moments of the passion of Restituta, Christian d’Abitina and victim of the persecution ordered by Diocletian in 304 d.C: the arrest, the trial, the martyrdom, the fire of the boat, the appearance and landing of the remains on the island of Ischia.
The Le Ripe Cultural Association, made up of people of different generations with the intention of preserving and handing down this tradition, has been taking care of the event since 2001.
The exhibition starts from a precious symbol of the undeniable value of identity to weave the threads of a story that, between legend, art and religion, speaks of Lacco Ameno and the island of Ischia, a historical-artistic heritage, rich in culture and beauty, that the Administration is committed to enhancing and promoting, to make it recognizable even outside our borders. A decisive step was to include the Sacred Representation of the Martyrdom and the Landing of Saint Restituta in the Inventory of the Intangible Heritage of the Campania Region, as officialized and promoted on the occasion of the first edition of the IPIC in Paestum. 

Info: www.pithecusae.it – 081996103