09/09/2023 - 30/09/2023
Tribute to Angelo Rizzoli

On Saturday 9 September, from 6.00 pm in the gardens of Villa Arbusto, the inauguration vernissage of the “Rizzoli a Lacco Ameno” exhibition will be held, a photographic itinerary which, through a selection of period images, retraces the most significant moments of the bond that the well-known publisher and film producer Angelo Rizzoli had with Lacco Ameno. The exhibition, which is part of the “Tribute to Angelo Rizzoli” exhibition, is curated by Gianluca Castagna with Sintesi Studio and offers the public of visitors an exhibition itinerary that documents an unrepeatable era for Lacco Ameno and the entire island of Ischia .

The project is financed by the Metropolitan City of Naples.